Perfect choice for corporate videos, digital marketing, websites, tutorials, innovative projects, explainers, presentations, slideshows, YouTube. Upbeat, carefree and uplifting electric guitar music track. Я прошу прощения Сергей Вольный. In the style of «The Lion King» Disney cartoon animation. Great as background music for motivational projects, innovation technologies, traveling videos, advertising, business presentations, the unforgettable journey, and stories of success. Mixi — Верю и не верю Соул 3: Great for youthful feeling projects, teen-targeted audience, fashion catwalk, workout exercises.

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Royalty free Travel music Night From Day. Featuring muted electric guitar, electric guitar, piano, synth pads, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano.

Great for positive commercial background, happy acoustic guitar advertising, uplifting acoustic moods, summer and vacation scenes, travel holidays, happy food and cooking shows and much more. The music might be useful in TV promo, advertising, commercial, beach party visuals, lifestyle and instagram ads, youtube vlog, travel video.

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Main instruments are acoustic guitar, bells, piano, drums, and electric bass. The human brain responds differently to sad music versus happy music. This is cool future chill music with relaxed vibe downtempo mood and modern atmosphere. This track is suitable for advertising, commercials, promo videos, happy advertisement, cartoon animation, Мзыка educative content and other projects.


Максим Кухарский — Лёд Берега судьбы. Light corporate music with an easy-going melody and positive, good vibes.

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Музыкаа Эстрадная музыка 3: Mixi — ну почему? Она — убила бы Софт-рок 2: Great for fashion-related media, videos, mobile app, commercials or catwalk show. This track is a perfect choice for advertising, presentations, tutorials, travel videos, and any other projects requiring a motivational soundtrack.

Dj XM Electro remix Хаус 4: Great for travel documentary or tourism, advertising, different cultures, world discovery, Asian adventures, ethnic life, and more. When you listen to music it is processed throughout multiple parts of the brain.

Good for travel videos, futuristic slideshows, innovative presentations and every day listening. Переиграй этот кон Хард-рок. fxtravel

This gentle track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, travel video, catchy Youtube story, and other lovely media.

ExTravel — Клуб активных путешествий по Крыму. This track is ideal for YouTube, social media extraveo as well as advertising and presentations.

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You can use this track as background music in your business projects, travel videos, commercials, and other visual media. The track consists of powerful drums, bass, supersaw leads, uplifting buildup with rolls, claps, risers and melodic pitched voice chops. This gentle track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, travel video, catchy Youtube story, technology videos, музыкк videos, education and other lovely media.


Featuring upbeat ukulele, bright bells, xylophone, marimba, муыка, piano melody, whistling sound and body percussion. Upbeat and happy modern dance music, with a great energy and young mood, featuring bright and wide expansive synth pads, pumping drum beat.

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Mid-tempo synthpop track with good vibes. A extrzvel, optimistic, uplifting and inspiring pop rock piece. Mixi — Текила Фанк 3: Such as fashion show catwalk, youtube videos, inspiring lifestyle, fitness workout, travel journey, beauty vlogs, and more. A beautiful cinematic piece featuring melancholic Asian style cello, optimistic piano and synth pads. Ideal for corporate videos, advertisements, Youtube, slideshows and more.

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